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Phoebe of Weston

Yolanda worked wonders with our very active dog, Phoebe! She knew exactly how to communicate with our dog, which made the training worthwhile and beneficial. Yolanda was able to anticipate what was necessary and implement her training techniques in a way that seemed customized to Phoebe's needs. She was always patient and kind with our dog. Our experience with Evolutionary Dog Training was completely positive, and we look forward to some additional training in the future.

Randi Goetzinger, Esq.dog training weston FL


Bailey and Frisco

Yolanda is an amazing teacher! We have two border collie pups, well almost adults! 11 months* and she did a great job helping us with them. We have paid for professional dog training before and although effective it was no where as good and comprehensive as Yolanda's approach! She has a way with dogs, she can read their body language and literally understand them in such away that I'm still amazed! The funny thing is that we won a raffle for dog training class at Central Bark Fort Lauderdale and we are so lucky that the training was offer with Yolanda. After the first class we were so please that we signed up right away for more training sessions! I definitely encourage anyone looking for a professional dog trainer to give Yolanda and opportunity to work with you and you furry best friend!


Yolanda is awesome! She did such a great job with our two doggies, Bailey and Frisco. If you want a fun and educational training experience for your babies I would definitely recommend her.


Felice the Amazing Pit Bull

I have been educating myself with various styles of training and implementing positive reinforcement techniques. You were the one that introduced us to this amazing method... overall Felice is amazing... I want to continue our training with you because I truly believe that the few classes we took with you made a huge difference in our relationship

Easy-Going Jaxson

IMG_2430[1]I also wanted to share with you a few words about how Jaxson has been doing since completing his first course with you. It has been so much more easier to walk with him and have him in areas with other dogs. He's even gone as far as greeting other non reactive dogs that approach him. We've seen a handful of reactive dogs on our walks and while he's had an outbreak or two (or five!) they are all much more easier to handle. He will only momentarily react and then listen to us for his next command. Sometimes he doesn't even notice the reactive dogs!  Thank you so much!

Daniela and Jaxson



Josie, the Maltese

As a veterinarian, having a wonderful human-animal bond is extremely vital to me.  I would like to thank Yolanda Freeman for increasing this relationship with my new friend Josie, a 5 lb Maltese.  Josie and I look forward to the once a week classes.  Having training classes has made our home cheerful, fun and stable.  I have had previous trainer with other pets and seen numerous training techniques, Yolanda’s positive clicker training techniques have accomplished quick and reliable results. 

Yolanda is pleasant and courteous.  She is patient, articulate, experienced and very knowledgeable.  Yolanda is dedicated to understanding dogs and altering their behavior through positive methods.  She catered to my dog by adjusting training techniques to help my little Maltese understand the right path to journey on.  For example, she showed us how to use a training pole as a marker, to help me not have to constantly bend down.  This made it easier on both Josie and me.  My goal for Josie is to use her as a therapy dog.  Yolanda has helped in making this dream become a closer reality. 
I highly recommended her to friends... 

Wholehearted thanks from both of us, 

Holly Anne Brigman, DVM and Josie

Holly Brigman, DVM and "Josie"

Bowie, the Therapy Dog

When I first got Bowie, I was working a lot and needed him to be trained.  Essentially I wanted his training to be quick and efficient.  I brought a puppy into a home with an adult dog.  Yolanda guided me with the adjustment and gave me great tips for the two to form a loving relationship.  With Yolanda's help and support he excelled in his individualized training from behavioral to tricks.  He excelled so much that we focused his training toward the CGC exam and to be a therapy dog, so I could use him for work.  He has helped so many people and I attribute his training and guidance to Yolanda.

Amanda and "Bowie"

Jack, the Irish Wolfhound

JackWe have been very impressed with the skills and enthusiasm Yolanda demonstrates throughout all levels of training. Our Irish Wolfhound, Jack, has been trained by her from Puppy to Advanced and at every meeting was professional and fun, she is well-loved and extremely popular….

Results: Jack’s good manners allow him to go inside stores, stay in hotels…walk through the lobby and up the elevator, every day he is approached by strangers to touch him and say “hello.”  Jack’s life has been enriched, people have the opportunity to be with an unusual breed of dog and our life has been made easier because of Yolanda.

Yolanda has an extraordinary talent to read people and their pets, she helps create dream dogs!

Kevin and Sharon and

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