standard poodle Dania Beach FLJazz was the first female I have ever had. I’ve had lots of different kinds of pups over the years and most were rescues and a little older and mannerly.
Jazz was 8 weeks old when I brought her home and she was so quick to pick up everything from her brothers. Except walking on a leash without pulling my arm out of my socket. Our walks had become unpleasant and unbearable. So, in comes Yolanda. Miss Yo has such a presence, Jazz does whatever she wants practically with just a look.
I had 5 – 1 hours once a week lessons with Yolanda and Jazz and we walked every time. Jazz and I now enjoy our walks, if she gets excited and starts to pull, we stop until she settles and we start again. I have learned so much and have a wealth of new of practical information to apply to everything we will do together. Yolanda retrained me as much as she trained Jazz in proper walking behavior. I will be seeking out Yolanda’s group classes next. Yolanda is excellent!