As a veterinarian, having a wonderful human-animal bond is extremely vital to me.  I would like to thank Yolanda Freeman for increasing this relationship with my new friend Josie, a 5 lb Maltese.  Josie and I look forward to the once a week classes.  Having training classes has made our home cheerful, fun and stable.  I have had previous trainer with other pets and seen numerous training techniques, Yolanda’s positive clicker training techniques have accomplished quick and reliable results. 

Yolanda is pleasant and courteous.  She is patient, articulate, experienced and very knowledgeable.  Yolanda is dedicated to understanding dogs and altering their behavior through positive methods.  She catered to my dog by adjusting training techniques to help my little Maltese understand the right path to journey on.  For example, she showed us how to use a training pole as a marker, to help me not have to constantly bend down.  This made it easier on both Josie and me.  My goal for Josie is to use her as a therapy dog.  Yolanda has helped in making this dream become a closer reality. 
I highly recommended her to friends… 

Wholehearted thanks from both of us, 

Holly Anne Brigman, DVM and Josie