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Hot Tip: Persistent barking? Find the cause

If you have a barking problem, (and let's face it, it's your problem not the dog's) the first step is to identify the reason for the barking. Sometimes that's as easy as flipping on the light switch. Then you can redirect your dog's attention and reward. Call...

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Meet Max, the Deaf Great Dane

People often ask, “How do you train a deaf dog?” I’ve worked several deaf dogs from daschunds to Great Pyrenees. With very few, important modifications, deaf dogs can be trained the same as most dogs. Working with deaf dogs has made me more aware of how unnecessary it...

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DIY Tips for Dog Improvements: Leash Walking

Here are 6 dog walking tips to try today:   When your dog stops to sniff or look for a place to potty, don't wait behind them. Continue to walk past them as far as the leash allows without pulling them. It causes your dog to have to catch up with you instead of...

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Phoebe of Weston

Yolanda worked wonders with our very active dog, Phoebe! She knew exactly how to communicate with our dog, which made the training worthwhile and beneficial. Yolanda was able to anticipate what was necessary and implement her training techniques i...


standard poodle Dania Beach FLJazz was the first female I have ...

Jamianne Krupilis

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