New Puppy Shopping List

New Puppy Shopping List

New Puppy Shopping list

closeup of four little labrador retriever puppies looking at the camera

There is a lot more to getting a new dog than just puppy breath and doggy biscuits. Make sure you have all the stuff you need when you bring your new, fluffy family member home. Take this list with you when you shop for supplies to give you an idea what to get. A trainer can help show you how to use all these things to help your pet get acclimated to its new furever home. You can get nearly everything on this list at Pet Supplies Plus and Auggie’s Doggies and other retailers online.


☐Leash (4-6 feet not retractable)
☐ ID tag/Microchip
☐Exercise Pen
☐Potty pads
☐Enzymatic odor removal spray
☐Flea/tick treatment
☐Food dispensing toys
☐Brush, comb
☐Toenail clippers
☐Training Treats (small, soft)
☐Waste clean-up bags
☐ Toys: Puppy Kong,  Nylabone, plush toy, ball, tug toy
☐ Chew bones: Marrow bones, split antler, sterilized bones
☐Microwaveable warming pad
☐Puppy calming spray/diffuser
☐Puppy shampoo
☐ Puppy training classes
☐Water dish (stainless steel)

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Kong wobbler





Enjoy the Holidays with Your Dog; Here’s How:

Enjoy the Holidays with Your Dog; Here’s How:

Miley the Frenchie checking out the Christmas tree

Miley, the Frenchie checking out the Christmas tree

Well, it’s official, the holiday season has begun. People tend to get more busy, but dogs do not. They are still a part of your daily routine even if your daily routine gets more hectic. Spending less time with your dog can lead to behavior problems that can be detrimental to your holiday cheer (and maybe your furniture.) So keep your dog busy during the holidays. There are lots of things happening in your home (for example, all the extra people and all the sparkly lights) this time of year that can stress out your pet. And they can probably sense your stress too, so remember to take a breather yourself.

In South Florida, there are always things you do for your dog to keep him mentally stimulated and happy. You can take them to the park, to a training class, to a bar or to the beach. You can even try doggie day care. (If you tell them I sent you at D.O.G. Ft Lauderdale, they’ll give you two visits free!) You can find out what dog friendly events are happening on my Facebook page or try a website like If you want to keep your dog occupied at home, feed them every meal from a food puzzle. You can also get more out of your walks if you try this great app that tracks your route, Map My Dog Walk. Or you can always teach them a new trick. This is especially useful if you want to impress your ever present friends and family who will “ooh” and “ahh” and wonder where you find the time.

Your dog will think the time spent with you is the Best. Gift. Ever.