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Is your dog coasting on its looks?

Your dog is not just cute, he’s smart too. He deserves the best of everything, including an education.  Training ensures your dog will do what you say, not just what he can get away with!  Evolutionary Dog Training (EDT) is based in Broward County and serves all of South Florida.  We’ve helped dogs in Miami, Miami Lakes, Aventura, Golden Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Lighthouse Point, Plantation, Coral Springs, Weston, Boca and probably your neighborhood, too.  We just want to help you enjoy your dog more. Evolutionary Dog Training teaches you to speak to your dog in a way it can understand. We show you how to train your dog; you are the dog trainer. With our help, you can provide your puppy  with the best start to prevent the most common problems pet parents face.

But training isn’t just for puppies.  So if your adult dog is facing some behavior challenges, we can help there too. We work  with all sizes and breeds with problems from house-training to aggression–and everything in between. We can help with your rambunctious rescue, stubborn adolescent or bored senior dog. Evolutionary Dog Training has flexible appointment times for your convenience. This includes working with your dog in the comfort of your home even when you’re not there. So training the dog doesn’t have to be another chore you have to fit into your busy schedule.

Its modern dog training for modern dog people.

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You might like to know what my clients are saying about me:

Yolanda is an amazing teacher! We have two border collie pups, well almost adults! 11 months* and she did a great job helping us with them. We have paid for professional dog training before and although effective it was no where as good and comprehensive as Yolanda’s approach! She has a way with dogs, she can read their body language and literally understand them in such away that I’m still amazed! The funny thing is that we won a raffle for dog training class at Central Bark Fort Lauderdale and we are so lucky that the training was offer with Yolanda. After the first class we were so please that we signed up right away for more training sessions! I definitely encourage anyone looking for a professional dog trainer to give Yolanda and opportunity to work with you and you furry best friend!


I have been educating myself with various styles of training and implementing positive reinforcement techniques. You were the one that introduced us to this amazing method… overall Felice is amazing… I want to continue our training with you because I truly believe that the few classes we took with you made a huge difference in our relationship


Dog training to meet your needs

In-Home Puppy Training

Private Lessons
  • In-home puppy training

  • Get undivided attention for you and your dog.
  • This is option is great for people who like working and having fun with their dog but could use some professional guidance.
  • Private training helps you improve your skills and understanding of dog behavior.
  • I help  train your dog in your home or other specified location.
  • We will work on skills like Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave it, Drop it, Wait, Heel, Go to bed and even fun tricks.
  • Private-training can help improve your dog’s education by going at your dog’s pace.
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Socialize With Other Dogs

Group Lessons
  • Socialization included

  • Group classes are a great way to learn and practice in a social but controlled environment. Your dog will learn skills from beginner to advanced.
  • Puppy Preschool is a great way to get your new puppy started on the right paw.
  • I also offer reactive dog classes which are for dogs that are leash aggressive, over-excited when meeting other dogs or fearful around other dogs or people.
  • Basic Manners Classes are held at Pet Supplies Plus Indian Trace Plaza, 1368 SW 160th Ave, Sunrise, FL 33326
  • Tricks Classes are held Auggie’s Doggies 1515 SW 1st Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
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Family Puppy Training

Get started with the right paw
  • Get started on the right paw with puppy training for the whole family

  • Get training for your new puppy or dog.  Don’t wait; training is what helps get your dog settled in it’s new home.
  • Get help before and after you get your new addition to the family including advice on house  training, crate training, nipping, grooming and nutrition.
  • Socialization is the proven key to preventing common behavior problems like fearfulness, aggression, hyperactivity and more.  This is also the best time to get the kids involved with training.
  • Puppy training for the family will get everyone the same page from the beginning!
  • Get your puppy or dog started on the right paw with puppy training for the whole family.
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Behavior Modification

Customized Attention
  • Customized attention

  • This type of training is suited for people who want to learn how to deal with their dog’s more serious behavior concerns.
  • I can address all types of behavior issues like leash-reactivity, barking, pulling on leash, jumping, nipping/biting, destructive chewing and fear-based aggression.
  • I can turn your wild canine into a proper pet.
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Professional Dog Trainers in Broward, South Florida

Let me put my passion for dogs and many years of experience training happy dogs to work for you. Why delay?

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